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Why you should revive your blog

It’s somewhat ironic that I’m sitting down to write this post on why you should revive your blog. Despite the best intentions, The Content Ninja blog hasn’t been as populated as I wish it had been over the last few months. It’s a case of the cleaner with the messiest house… I’ve been too busy writing for clients that I rarely get time to write for myself.

Firstly I owe an apology. In the first few months of silence, I had several emails and messages asking what had happened. I’m sorry you missed out, but if you’re still here, thank you.

So here I am, in the position I’m advocating for others: how to restart my blog.

1.     Know WHY you should revive your blog

There are two ‘whys’ you need to address: why you stopped and why you want to start again.

Blogs are awesome for that wonder-acronym: SEO. They are also cheap and relatively simple to get to grips with. That’s a great reason to start again. Low cost marketing; we all like a bit of that!

                Getting your head around why you stopped might be harder. There are likely a bunch of reasons including:

·         Time pressures

·         Results were mediocre and lacklustre

·         Writing skill

·         Programming skill

·         Lack of inspiration and loss of passion

·         Overwhelm at the commitment

·         Burnout (you went too hard, too fast, despite the warnings)

·         Ya know, life…

Figure out this ‘why’ and you’ll be able to keep your blog a little more on track for the future.

2.     Address those issues

It’s not going to work if you aim to restart the blog in the same way as before. A few months down the line, we’re going to be back here, restarting your blog again.

So take some time to consider why you stopped and what you can do about it now. If it was time pressures, cut the posting schedule. If lack of writing skill got the better of you, nab yourself a brilliant copywriter. If it’s lack of inspiration, do some reading yourself and you’ll soon be fired up again.

3.     The past isn’t wasted

Don’t write off the hard work you’ve put in to your blog in the past. It’s not gone, it’s not wasted and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, sometimes, reviving old blog posts is important in itself.

We’re going to be moving forward to restart your blog, but your existing efforts are a fantastic starting point and shouldn’t be underestimated.

4.     See the opportunity

While being grateful for the head start, reviving your blog is also an ideal time for a reboot, or even a rebrand. This is an excellent time to inject something new and shake things up. Do things differently because today is Day 1 as well as Day 4587.

5.     Re-engage

Your readers and followers liked what they read. They want more. So re-engage them, apologise and move forwards. Explain what went wrong. However, now is the time to focus on re-engaging them and getting them back on board with your blog. The good news is that, in the process, you’ll gain some snazzy new readers too. Maybe ask your readers what they want?

So come on you lot, what do you want?! More tutorial style pieces? More snappy insights? Feel free to let me know.

6.     Get gifting

No one can resist a freebie. Use your restarting blog, like this one, to give something away. You’ve rekindled the spark. Now win them back.

So, if you’re reading this article about ‘how can I restart my blog?’ and have decided that getting a copywriter on the case is the obvious solution (it is) then email me at and quote “RESTARTTCN” and I’ll give you 10% off your first 1000 words.

7.     Set some expectations

When I started my blog, I was publishing very lengthy posts weekly. Realistically, that ain’t gonna happen anymore. My new schedule will see me posting monthly, with bonus content in between if I can. My posts will also be shorter. This may not be what I’d advise for SEO, and isn’t what I do for many clients, but it’s what needs doing if there’s to be a hope in a hoolie of me actually sticking to this – what with my paid writing commitments.

So be honest with your audience. Let them know about what’s coming up, and what things will look like from now on.

8.     Get out there

If I was advising a client, and not just myself, I’d advise that they don’t just focus their attention on the blog alone. Now is the time to up the ante on your email newsletters, and also do some crafty guest posting if you can. Make it impossible for your audience to ignore you.

Remember, in this wonderful multi-channel world, your audience needs to come in to contact with you at multiple touchpoints if you want to turn them in to leads and conversions.

9.     Revive your social

This, of course, brings us on to making sure that you revive your social media interactions too. Post your new articles on your social media accounts and awaken those mighty beasts too.

10.Prevent a relapse

Yup, sorry, but there’s still a risk. If it happens, then don’t beat yourself up. As I’ve shown, you can restart your blog again. However, the simplest way to prevent a relapse, is to make a content marketing strategy and get a whole load of articles ordered from a copywriter, and get them written and uploaded in advance (yes, this is what I do and yes, I am the pot calling the kettle black). It’s much easier to assign it to someone else, do it in one big batch at a time as a project, than it is to do it in dribs and drabs.

There you have it. Ten tips to restart your blog. Ready to order some content for your blog? Get in touch and I can reinject the zing.

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