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Step into my world where words come alive and where brands find their voice. 

Below you can find links my copywriting portfolio. If you’re looking for examples to fit your niche which aren’t shown here, please get in touch. I can also share examples of different content types including press releases, email campaigns, reports, product descriptions and more. 

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Copywriting Prices

I deliver the wow factor in every piece of copywriting I produce.


About Me

Hey, I’m Chrissie.

I’m all about the writing: exceptional, engaging, enticing writing.

Humble words have the power to transform through compelling storytelling. They can shift a mood from melancholy to inspired. They can engage a customer ready to leap into action, hopefully brandishing their payment card in hand. Words sell. 

I understand the synergy of words. How the unassuming becomes glorious. I know how to please the search engines and your audience. 

Writing as a freelance copywriter since 2015, with a previous career in businesses big, medium and small, I have experience across a huge number of industries. Whether you’re a pioneering sole trader or start-up, or a digital marketing agency or website developer, I’ve got the right experience to champion your brand and elevate it through exceptional copy.