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Blog Post Copywriting That Engages, Enthuses & Expands

Whether you need me to write a standalone blog post, or take care of all your blog post copywriting needs, I take my successful approach of Research-Write-Optimise.

When you choose my blog writing service you get:


I take the time to research each topic thoroughly. Exceptional informative writing springs from deep-level understanding. You’ll see this research approach showcased in the finished article. From reputable links, to sources backing up powerful arguments, and clear explanations rooted in deep understanding, research shows.


Your blog post will be 100% unique. It will pass plagiarism checkers with no problem. Furthermore, my standards of writing are outstanding. With a Tone of Voice which matches your business brand, accompanied by flawless writing technique, your blog posts will reflect your business’s professionalism. You’ll be proud to put your name to them.


Your blog post doesn’t just need to engage readers and drive sales leads. It also needs to feed the Google bots to keep them happy. The goal is to achieve a high ranking article. I contribute to this by weaving SEO carefully throughout each and every blog post. I do this by including use of headings, keyword distribution, sub-headings, links and more.

Increase your visibility and authority online by choosing Chrissie Brown Copywriting for your blog copywriting.

Blog Post Copywriting: Why?

Adding a blog to your website is powerful. It’s a way to build community, become the authority in your field, engage your audience and drive sales. Blogging is the voice behind your brand. It’s there, building the relationship with your readers.

The statistics are pretty wowzers too. A company that blogs gets 55% more website visitors than company’s without one. They get 97% more links, bringing valuable traffic in to their website. Staggeringly, websites with a blog, on average, have 434% more indexed pages.

Blogging, without a doubt, is impressively potent.

Getting it right isn’t always easy though. Not everyone is a writer. Nor do most people have the specific skills for well-researched SEO-friendly blog writing. That’s before you factor in the time it takes to craft a well-researched, well-written, optimised piece. It’s why my blog copywriting services are my bread and butter. It’s possible to go DIY, but it’s hard work.

For me, it’s not hard work. It’s what I love.