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Long Form Copywriting Service

With my long form copywriting service, I can add the meat to the bones of your content. Shorter blog posts have their place, but if you really want to give your audience a gift, then long form articles it is.

These articles clearly go beyond the bounds of a business dashing out a blog post, in the attempt to weave a little SEO, or dangle the carrot of their offering. Instead, well-written deep-insight long form articles truly give your audience what they are looking for.

As with all of my writing, my long form copywriting shines through my approach of Research-Write-Optimise:


Long form content writing requires diligent and deep-level research. I enable your long form articles to really get to grips with a subject, through powerful and authoritative research. Inside your long form content, your reader will see arguments backed by reputable facts and stats, also helping to spur on link reciprocation.


Your article will keep your branding at its heart, in terms of tone of voice and style. It’ll be 100% unique, and be consistently good throughout. Able to pursue a subject more comprehensively, clear and excellent English will explain complex and deep-level topics to your readership, keeping them engaged from start to finish. Calls to Action will be used throughout, always signposting the reader to where you want them to go.


As with standard blog posts, long form articles should pay heed to SEO. Length itself is an excellent SEO tool, but it’s not enough. The SEO, of your long form content, will be carefully crafted throughout, making use of headings and keyword distribution with ease. The result is that your long form article will inspire both your reader, and keep the search engine bots happy.

Show that you really are the authority in your niche by choosing The Content Ninja for your long form article copywriting services.

Long Form Copywriting Service: Why?

The average content length, for pages that rank on page 1 of search engines, is 1900 words. That means that high ranking pages come with real juicy meat. You need long form content.

Many businesses understand the latent power of a blog. They know it’s good for rankings, and they know it gives their readership a way to engage with their brand. However, a basic blog, with articles of 500 – 1,000 words, will only go so far. You need to give it some depth from time to time. That’s where long form article copywriting comes in.

Long form articles don’t just say to your audience, “Hi, I’m here”. They say “We are the only source you can truly trust, to bring you the information you need.” They don’t just inspire the questions and thought processes, they provide the answer. What’s more, they also provide plenty of fertile ground for SEO.

However, long form content writing is a specialist task. Even a good blog writer will struggle when faced with a task to write 2,000, 5,000 or 10,000 words on a subject. You need someone specifically skilled in extended web-based writing.

I am well-reputed for my ability to tackle complex research, in order to do subjects justice over an extended piece of writing. My long form copywriting puts you in the position of power.