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eBook Copywriting Service

eBook Copywriting requires a skilled hand. They are an investment on your part, and often the hook to gain valuable contact details for potential leads. Yet, what you really want, is your audience to not just be enticed with a snazzy headline.

When they open that book, you want them engaged, learning, and keen to find out more. You want them as engaged as the first time they stayed up till 3 am with a torch under the covers, unable to stop turning the pages.

My eBook writing service is exceptional. Taking the approach of getting to know both you and your audience, I am able to create long-length content which is informative, valuable and spurs the reader on. They will fall in love with your brand, and develop their commitment to your product or service.

Unsurprisingly, given the length and depth of content, creating an eBook can be daunting. Yet it is one of my favourite types of writing, a real pleasure as a copywriter. This is an opportunity to really drive sales, educate and inform. eBooks really do take things to the next level.

Put your business in their line of sight. Make yourself the go-to source. Use an eBook to propel your marketing efforts.

eBook copywriting: Why?

eBooks are an extremely underrated marketing technique. They are exceptionally good for two things:

1.      Getting hot leads:

Never simply give an eBook away without due thought. However, you can offer a valuable eBook, as the gift, in return for an email address. As long as you’ve considered your topic well, and the eBook is written to truly answer the reader’s need, then they will be more than happy to hand over that juicy titbit you’re desperate for. You’re much more likely to get a potential customer’s email address, if you give them something really worth having.

2.      Positions you as the absolute authority

Much of your content marketing endeavours will be to position your brand as the authority. You want those looking for your products or services coming to you. Blog posts and social media can only go so far with this. An eBook can be a truly informative guide, and a valuable resource to the individual, all the while with your branding weaving its merry way throughout. It’s impressive stuff.

I can write an eBook which will offer your readers value, and you value too. There are no dry and dull tomes here, simply engaging brand-focussed good reading.