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Copywriting FAQ

To kick off the Copywriting FAQ, generally speaking, if it needs words, a copywriter does it. That’ll include writing blog posts, writing website content and writing your brochure, adverts and sales emails. However, anyone can lob some words at a page. The magic, of a skilled creative copywriter, is getting those words to absolutely wow the audience. A copywriter makes sure your copy makes a mark – in the way you want it to.

Of course my answer is ‘yes’! I truly believe that a skilled copywriter can add exceptional value to pretty much any business. However, that’s not to say you can’t have a go yourself. The issue is time and skill. Do you have the time and skill to write flawless pieces? Do you have the creativity to make your words sing? Do you know your SEO from your SERP? If not, then a freelance copywriter will save you time and money in the long run. It’s like doing your own painting and decorating – sure it’ll look ok, but it’ll never be as good as when a professional gets in on the act.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s what is done to your copy (and your website) to help it be found by search engines.
SEO copywriting is akin to a perfectly skilled tightrope walker. On the one hand you have exceptional writing ability and quality. On the other side, you find all the little tricks that get the content noticed by the search engines. It’s incredibly skilled. It takes real care to ensure that the writing sounds natural, and appeals to your audience, whilst also ensuring it has spot on keyword distribution, awesome use of headings, and a good smattering of links.
In many ways, especially today, these two are interchangeable. All content writing is copywriting (if done well), but not all copywriting is content writing (even when done well). Basically, copywriting is an age old profession – once the staple of print publications, from adverts to magazine articles. Content writing simply takes that online. So it includes blog posts, website content, social media posts etc. But to do that, you need to bear SEO in mind.
No copywriter, or indeed anyone, can promise to get you on page one of Google, or the other search engines. So, if someone has told you they can, they are telling porkies. There are a great number of elements that all come in to play, in terms of where your content sits in a search ranking. There is a fair bit of magic that your web developer can do. A copywriter plays their part too, with how they craft the content in an SEO-friendly way. I absolutely do my best to get it ranking as highly as possible. Then there are elements outside of either of our control. Hence there are full-time SEO specialists (many of whom I work with). Then there are other factors outside of any of our control, such as the level of competition for particular search terms. However, do rest assured that I know my SEO stuff, and I’ll do everything I can to optimise your content, whilst ensuring it’s a mighty good read for your audience.
On the face of it, yes. And you certainly can; no one is stopping you. However, will it be the quality you really want, and will it take you away from your day job? A freelance copywriter, if they are any good, will add value and save you money in the long run.

Copywriting FAQ - My Services

This is called a brief. I have a template you can fill in, if you like – see the button in the site’s header. Alternatively you can brain dump your thoughts into an email and I’ll work from that. I’ve worked with briefs that were five words long, through to ones running in to the thousands. I’m happy to prompt you as much as you need.

The more information you can give me, the better. That said, don’t worry, I’m a dab hand at research. If you have things like a keyword report, then great, send it over. If not, then don’t worry. Other useful pieces of information include the websites of key competitors, and anyone’s style you particularly love. It’s also really helpful, if you can tell me a little about your buyer personas. Lastly, all content should have a clear objective – so tell me, what’s that?

This will depend on the scale of the changes, and whether I have started work yet. If I have not yet started work, changes are not usually a problem. If you are significantly extending your requirements, I will need to confirm the expected timescale and change in cost. Reasonable edits are included within my stated price. If you need to cancel the work once I have started, then we can discuss what would be fair recompense for the work already undertaken depending on how far I’ve got and my ability to ‘fill your slot’.

How long is your project?! At the outset, I am always clear with clients about my current availability and anticipated timescale. My goal is to work as quickly as possible, but not at the detriment of quality, research or skill. Most of my clients find that their copywriting is delivered ahead of schedule, and this is frequently commented on in the feedback I receive.

If you require urgent copywriting to be done, with a tight deadline, do speak to me. Often I can juggle things around and make it possible.

As a freelance copywriter, my availability does vary. During my busiest periods, I will have several weeks before I can book in a large full website rewrite. However, for smaller pieces, I can usually manage my availability to turn these around within a few days, up to a week. Your best bet is to drop me a line at and I’ll be upfront and honest about when I can fit the work in.

No copywriter is perfect. Some of what we do is an art, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I work to really understand your business, your branding and your customer, so that your copy fits the bill. But if I had to be honest about a weakness, it would be commas! The blighters never seem to get in to my writing as much as they should on a first draft. No problem for you though, as I always pick them up on the first proofread and then zap all content through Grammarly that picks up anything I’ve missed.

There are plenty of them out there and I do understand that it’s hard to know what you’re getting in advance. My best advice is to read testimonials and check out portfolios. Ask for some specific examples of work the copywriter has done for similar clients. Then it’s down to gut feel. I believe, from the feedback I receive, that I offer an exceptional copywriting service for a fair price. 80% of my time is spent working for repeat clients. There’s a reason people come back!

I successfully collaborate with other copywriters, including others located nearby. This means we can work closely together, even at the same desk at times, to ensure a consistent tone of voice throughout your copy. I can give you a price for the complete work, rather than you having to manage multiple different freelancers.

Of course! I will work with other freelancers according to your need. Typically, these include programmers and website designers. I also work with creative teams for brochure design and similar projects.

Do you know how these awards work? It’s an exercise in self-indulgence and not a game I wish to play. The copywriter pays to enter and, as such, they are somewhat self-selective. My biggest awards are the feedback I get from my clients. That’s where I get my warm fuzzy feel good buzz from, and how I know I’m doing a good job. 

I have undertaken multiple different training courses, as well as learned through ‘doing’ and voraciously reading anything and everything about copywriting. I have been fortunate enough to receive some SEO training from someone who works for Google. In addition, I have taken numerous HubSpot Academy training courses. In the world of SEO, things are constantly changing. It’s part of my job to stay up to date, and I do that without question. In fact, I usually have a new course on the go.

I’m very happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, if you wish. Nonetheless, I take your privacy seriously. I have worked for the UK Government through to private health care clinics. That said, if you specifically wish me to never use what I write for you in my portfolio, please do just let me know. You can also read my privacy policy.


That’s you! Once I’ve written the piece, and payment has been received, all rights over the work revert to you.

I’m really sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, it happens. It’s happened to me too. The only reassurance I can give you, is that my reputation really matters to me. In the freelance world, if I let you down, that’s going to get around and, frankly, I’m not up for that. I’m always honest and upfront about my availability and ability. Hopefully, my testimonials also go some way to reassure you that I’m the real deal.

I’m a writer, full stop. I can add in some additional SEO services such as meta tags or alt tags. I’ll also include images, if you need them. Please get in touch for a quotation. However, having worked in this arena for several years, I have built up a network of other creative freelance people. I can put you in touch with reputable and trusted digital marketers, SEO specialists, web developers, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, PRs and more.

Get in touch for your bespoke quotation and information regarding my availability. Once you’re happy with this, I work in one of two ways. For small projects, I simply crack on and then send you the work to review. I invoice at this point, and you can pay when you are completely satisfied. For larger projects, I request a deposit of 50%, and then the process is much the same. For even larger projects, staged payments will be arranged.

My natural writing style is what you see here, on The Content Ninja. However, all that really matters is the style you are looking for. That’s part of the skill of what I do; writing in the style you want and need. Take a look at my portfolio to see what that means in practice.

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I deliver the wow factor in every piece of copywriting I produce.


About Me

Hey, I’m Chrissie.

I’m all about the writing: exceptional, engaging, enticing writing.

Humble words have the power to transform through compelling storytelling. They can shift a mood from melancholy to inspired. They can engage a customer ready to leap into action, hopefully brandishing their payment card in hand. Words sell. 

I understand the synergy of words. How the unassuming becomes glorious. I know how to please the search engines and your audience. 

Writing as a freelance copywriter since 2015, with a previous career in businesses big, medium and small, I have experience across a huge number of industries. Whether you’re a pioneering sole trader or start-up, or a digital marketing agency or website developer, I’ve got the right experience to champion your brand and elevate it through exceptional copy.