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Press Release Copywriting Service

I offer a well-established press release copywriting service. Drawing on PR knowledge and previous success, I use a story-telling approach to press release writing. Keeping things succinct, and professionally meeting the expectations of journalists, I can ensure that your press release stands out from the crowd.

I use words to cleverly convey your message, making an impact, and getting your news out there. Whether it’s a new business launch or some industry news, I make sure that your brand is reflected along with authenticity and impact.

Please note that I offer a press release writing service only. This allows you the freedom to submit the piece to the relevant journalists and agencies in your field. Whether for print or online, I ensure the press release copywriting is tailored appropriately to the audience you wish to attract, including SEO where needed.

Make your press releases get you known, by choosing Chrissie Brown Copywriting for your press release writing.

Press release copywriting: Why?

You’ve got a story to tell. Yet, sit down to write it in just a single page for the media, and suddenly you’ll have writer’s block. Press release writing is notoriously difficult. It requires an expert and experienced hand. What’s more, it also benefits from an impartial viewpoint. I won’t get tangled in the knowledge that one micro-aspect of the story took you 90% of your time. I’ll convey your story with engaging power.

I regularly write press releases which grab the attention of journalists and the media. Let’s get your story heard.