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Who's Chrissie? Freelance Copywriter

Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting, Done Differently.

I am, without a doubt, a word nerd who lives, eats and breathes all things written. A freelance copywriter since 2015, and published before then during my career in business, I’ve met the copy needs of swathes of clients over myriad industries and sectors. Different clients, consistently incredible copy. I’m ready to become the written voice of your brand.

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I tap into what makes your audience tick. Whoever they are.

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Whoever You Are

My clients include SMEs who are time-poor but need outstanding content, digital marketing agencies that don’t want the in-house overheads but do what their clients coming back for more, and website developers looking to partner with a copywriter who does their reputation justice.

As a freelancer copywriter the copy and content I create shows your expertise, builds trust with your audience and gets you found through skilled SEO. I consistently build your tone of voice and style so that the brand personality that shines in the copy I produce is more ‘you’ than if you were chatting with your audience directly. It’s clever stuff, expertly done.

UK based copywriter

Can One Freelancer Copywriter Be Skilled In All Areas Of Writing?

Yes! And that’s not me blowing my own trumpet or making unsubstantiated claims. It’s the result of nearly a decade of experience as a copywriter serving a plethora of industries and client types. And that experience is added to my backdrop career in small and big business. I’ve written for the one-person-bands through to household name multinationals and everyone in between. And you get the benefit of all that commercial and creative experience. I’m just what you’re looking for.

I’m a UK copywriter, working from my desk in beautiful Kent, just south of London. But I’ve worked with clients from the Cotswolds to Canberra, Edinburgh to Edmonton and a globeful of other places too.

Sectors and industries I’ve written for include Recruitment, Artificial Intelligence, Pharmaceuticals, Parenting, Coaching, Psychology, Health, Wellness, Education, Accounting, B2B, SaaS, Banking, Supply Chain, Retail, Venture Capital, Insurance, Law, Pet Care, Supplements, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Travel and a whole lot more. I get to know you and your audience to create authoritative, relationship-building writing.

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