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Why Use the Content Ninja for Your Marketing Content?

Content marketing has the power to transform your reach as well as coax cold leads in to real, hot, tangible customers. Content marketing’s power comes from an irresistible mix of analytical and strategic SEO. But it is also because it isn’t just about hooking a cynical audience with snazzy adverts that dazzle them with their gloss finish. Content – crafted well – has immense ability to woo: through information, education, entertainment and more.

This means that content marketing, done well, has this transformative long reach that goes on giving over time. It becomes the personality behind your brand, whilst actively giving your audience something. In return for your ability to treat them like true sentient beings, rather than passive recipients of marketing, they give you something invaluable: their loyalty.

Content marketing includes everything and anything that uses the power of the written word. Therefore, a strategic marketing approach should be taken across the board. From product descriptions to social media posts, and from blog posts to website content as well as your email campaigns, you need to take a clear and directed approach.

How to Find Excellent Content Marketing Writers?

That’s where The Content Ninja comes in.

We’re about meeting your need for incredible marketing content which dances to the tune of SEO but also is in it for the long haul by being useful, informative, interesting, entertaining and more.

What’s more, we believe that great marketing content should be available to all businesses who really want to make the most of their customer relationships.

Unfortunately, all too often, the approach is hit and miss. If you’re lucky, you’ve got someone in-house who just so happens to be able to turn their hand to a spot of writing. But these individuals are left battling for time alongside their ‘day job’. If you don’t have the skills in-house, you’re forced to take your chances with a freelance writer.

Again, you may just strike gold. Freelance writers are generally successful working as they do precisely because they are pure genius when it comes to the written word. However, chances are that you’re stuck going through a platform which isn’t fair to you, or the freelance copywriter, and eats up a heck of a lot of time sifting through to find the gem. In short – you don’t get best bang for your buck.

The Content Ninja is about taking a completely different approach. What we do is content writing at a fair rate for expert copy. Pure and simple. We’re a bunch of wordy souls who have a real love for the written word and its power, as well as an excellent knowledge of SEO writing principles. You get to buy the content you need, much as you would buy a product in a shop. You know that you get a talented and well-suited writer on the job. You get clear delivery times and no hidden fees.

A Shop Approach to Content Writing?

Yes, at The Content Ninja we are doing content differently. Getting the content you need shouldn’t be complicated and it shouldn’t entail a bunch of negotiations and compromises. By offering exceptional marketing content on a product by product basis, you select and pay for what you need. Simple.

So if you’re an organised bod with an entire quarter of content marketing needs mapped out, or you’re a one-man-band simply wanting to get a blog written about a new product, then you get what you need.

To shop for your marketing content browse The Content Ninja content shop.  See for yourself just how easy content marketing can be.

Chris Brown is chief copywriter at The Content Ninja. With a focus on SEO strategy paired with powerful writing, The Content Ninja does content marketing differently.

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