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Why SEO Writing is Gold so Get a Copywriter

Get ready to have your marketing mind blown. We’re going to chuck some incredible stats at you about the power wielded by a copywriter. SEO writing by an experienced and skilled copy writer knocks the socks off other marketing campaigns. You ready?

  • With content marketing you get three times the leads for every penny you spend compared to paid search.
  • Content marketing costs a staggering 62% less but brings in considerably more leads than outbound marketing.
  • If your small business has a blog, you’ll be getting an eye-watering 126% more lead growth than without one.
  • 77% of internet users read blogs – that’s right, it’s not just about SEO but about brand-centred authority building. Indeed, following reading blog recommendations, 61% of online consumers in one study went on to make a purchase.
  • Blog content creates 434% more search engine-indexed pages than businesses without it – so yep, it really does matter for SEO.

In short, SEO writing – whether that’s a blog, landing pages or even your social media posts – SELLS. It’s like advertising on speed. Except it doesn’t have a horrid come-down. In fact, use a SEO copywriter when writing copy and you’ll have slow burn content that just goes on giving in a wholesome and long-lasting way.

There’s magic in content marketing. In fact, it’s highly efficient whilst also being persuasive in a coaxing and gentle way. So why is content marketing, using SEO writing written by a skilled copy writer, so effective?

SEO Writing – The Power of the Copywriter

Content marketing is the creation of material which is then shared online. It takes on a variety of different guises. It’s there in blog posts, web content, social media posts, videos and more. And it needs the attention of your digital marketing budget.

We could get in to some interesting discussion about audience fragmentation in the digital world. However, we’re not planning of offering insomniac cures, so we’ll skip that. Nonetheless, it’s important just because it helps you understand that your customer now can, and does, come to you – it’s not just about you shoving yourself in to their line of vision. Therefore you need to be informative, educational, and giving – without the hard sell of your average print advert.

The key here is that you don’t want your ads (your content) to seem like ads. Powerful advertising happens through content media precisely because it doesn’t feel like a hard sell, but instead feels like something the reader values independently.

Not All Content is Created Equally

You’ll know, from your own forays across the web, that not all content is created equally. This is down to two elements: SEO and quality of writing. Now these two little guys aren’t always the easiest bedfellows.

SEO, and specifically nifty use of keywords, titles and the like, and exceptional copywriting, can fight for attention. You’ll have noticed it when something doesn’t read naturally with random words popped in. You end up feeling that the writer is taking you for a mug. They got you here, to this page, but are they now delivering?

Conversely, there’s some spectacularly well written copywriting out there which is hidden and buried, simply because SEO techniques weren’t employed. It’s great reading, but no one sees it because the signposts aren’t there.

The winning combination of deft use of SEO writing, and quality writing which you actually want to read and gain something from, requires a skilled hand. You’ll need to seek out a rare breed of copywriter who really knows what they are doing.

These copywriters do something amazing to your content marketing. They get to know your audience and thus, reach them. They get to know your brand, and so develop its personality, seamlessly and powerfully. Furthermore, they use SEO organically and cleverly, without ever compromising the quality of your content.

Content Marketing Goes on Giving

What’s great is that content marketing really does go on giving. You get compounding returns over time. This means that the more content marketing you have and use, it never really stops bringing return on investment. This is because you’re not just compounding how search engines rank you, and improving on that. It’s because you’re also compounding the reputation and reliability of your brand. It builds and nurtures connections.

The Content Ninja is there providing SEO writing by exceptionally talented copywriters whenever you need it. Shop for your content.

Chris Brown is chief copywriter at The Content Ninja. With a focus on SEO strategy paired with powerful writing, The Content Ninja does content marketing differently.

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