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Content and SEO are best friends. The sum of the two together is far greater than their individual parts. If you’re not using the two together, you’re missing a hugely valuable trick. If you’re putting the effort in to one or other, for your own sake do both. They are each quite meaningless without each other.

When you use both exceptional content and SEO together, it’s like using rocket fuel to propel yourself to the top of the rankings. Get one or both wrong, and at best you’re wasting energy, and at worst you’re going to be facing the Google school cane.

The Glory of Content

Content, by itself, is the words on the page or the voice in a video. Its quality can vary spectacularly.

Done well, it engages and educates. It dances through the mind with powerful meaning and thought-provoking impact. It persuades and sells, in such a gentle manner, it’s akin to being sung a lullaby and drifting off to sleep. It can ignite passion, turn an argument, or leave you inspired. Whatever it does, it should leave you feeling something.

If you could guarantee your audience, content alone would be enough to sell in the most powerful ways. It is the effort in the relationship.

However, no matter how fantastic your content is, it needs to be seen.

And there’s a gigantic black hole of content out there. Google processes 40,000 new searches per second. Now that’s eye-wateringly insane. Content, without the right sign-posting, gets lost.

The Glory of SEO

That’s where SEO comes in to assist. It places a safety net over the entrance to the black hole. It’s about creating some kind of organization and structure to a mammoth unwieldy beast who is desperate to escape.

Google’s mission is to deliver relevant and useful results to its users. So you need to somehow show that your content is more relevant than others. This is SEO. Of course, actually being relevant is your top weapon. But to bolster that, and because everyone else is doing it, you need the SEO tricks.

The Marriage of Content and SEO

The good news is that this brings us back to the naturally beautiful and harmonious relationship of content and SEO. In short, high quality content should, naturally, tick many of the SEO boxes. Let’s take a look at what they have in common, in terms of what content should be:

·         It should be relevant, informative and useful.

·         It should be better and more relevant, informative and useful than any other.

·         It should be credible, authoritative and trustworthy.

·         It should be unique and readable.

Each of these aspects automatically boosts SEO.

However, SEO itself brings something unique to the party too. This is the technical side of SEO. This is knowing how to use meta data, categories, a thing or two about backlinks, and keyword analysis.

Why Does SEO Content Matter?

Well, in short, you’re not going to get found without it. When your content is optimised for search engines then it becomes visible. Visibility leads to exposure. From here people see it, people share it and people act.

What’s more, it needn’t be hard. It’s possible to get awesome SEO content affordably and reliably without you needing to be both an SEO wizard and a writing genius. Shop here.

Chris Brown is chief copywriter at The Content Ninja. With a focus on SEO strategy paired with powerful writing, The Content Ninja does content marketing differently.

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