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What is a Copywriter and Does My Business Need One?

Yay, I get to talk about what I do. Little happy dance, go me! Copywriting is a funny beast. Tell someone copywriting is what you do and they do one of two things: glaze over; or, think you work with patents, trademarks and copyRIGHT. Nope, what copywriting is all about is far more interesting and far more widely needed than many think.


First up, let’s define it. A definition of copywriting thanks to good old Wiki is:


definition of copywriting

Wow, how exciting. NOT. Hence the glazed look. That was clearly NOT written by a copywriter. Here’s my answer to “what is copywriting?”


what is copywriting definition

That’s right. It’s the rocket fuel behind your branding. Let’s explain.


Once upon a time…

Think about this for a moment. Conjure up an image in your mind of a few of your favourite brands. Maybe pluck a few biggies out from the sky. Yes, you’ve likely got their logo imprinted on the inside of your brain. But you’ve also got that brand’s personality making you love, hate or ‘meh’ them. That personality came about in your mind’s eye thanks to the words of a clever copywriter. A copywriter brings the words alive. Hire an awesome copywriter, and you’re hiring a voice for your brand.


This all comes about because, at heart, we all love a good story. It’s in our DNA. We, humans, are evolutionary wired to tell, and respond to, story-telling.


Language is our primary method of communication. In the modern world, that means words on a *virtual* page.


But in the same way our ancestors sat around the fire pit fighting off sabre tooth tigers and deciding on which fur was in vogue, we still love to share a tale. It’s how we learn, it’s how we remember, it’s how we’re inspired and motivated.


So what does a copywriter do?

Therefore, a copywriter’s task is to use that story-telling ability in your company’s ‘copy’. This may mean a short 20 word Twitter status, or a hefty tome conveyed in an eBook. They identify your audience, and work their magic to make your brand appeal to them in every written word your business produces.


Your primary need for a copywriter will come about in terms of your website content (and likely a fabulous and regular blog). Beyond this your copywriter will be able to draft emails, newsletters, social media posts, adverts, product descriptions, brochures, guides, eBooks, and more, more, more.


Should I get a copywriter in house?

Unless you’re a really mighty titan of industry, you’re unlikely going to want to take a copywriter in-house. To give you some idea, an awesome copywriter should be capable of churning out in excess of 25,000 words of fabulous fresh content a week. Unless you’re an industry giant, you don’t need that. It’ll be an annoying overhead which ends up under-utilised.


Therefore, for the vast majority of businesses, a freelance copywriter is your solution. Building a good relationship with a regular writer means they are as good as in-house in terms of reliability and knowing you, but don’t hang around like a ball and chain.


This is also made easier by the fact that one of the key driving factors for modern businesses needing access to their own copywriter: digitalisation. Businesses need more copy than ever before. Take our list below, of all the things copywriters do, and make a mental note of just how many are a result of us living slap bang in the digital age:

What is a Copywriter

A LOT of what a copywriter does is about feeding the hungriest word monster: the internet. This means you don’t just need a copywriter, you need a digital SEO copywriter. You what?


A digital copywriter is what you need

So, you don’t just need any old copywriter who can write, you need a copywriter who knows their digital ABC, or to be precise, their SEO.


We’re not going to bore you with a rundown of what SEO is. Read our non-jargon guide.


All you need to know is that copywriting in 2019 is super-fast moving, and about wooing your audience, and the SEO gods.


Copywriting in 2019 is about facilitating a little bit of love between you and your ideal customer. It’s about connecting you in the way they want to be connected.


What will a professional copywriter do for your business?

First and foremost, a digital copywriter will connect you (and your brand) to your most ideal clients. It’s about creating emotional connection and utilising this. A copywriter develops the voice of your brand. The tangible result of this should be a boost in traffic, and pretty awesome worthwhile traffic at that.


However, crucially, behind mesmerising words that lead your audience in an evocative dance, the digital copywriter is also appealing to the SEO bots. A copywriter isn’t a monogamous soul. They woo audience and search engines together, without letting one know what the other is up to.


In practical terms, this means your digital copywriter can write everything your business needs, making sure it is fit for purpose. They can do everything from fresh landing pages through to your business emails and product descriptions, knowing the different skills needed for each.


Where to find a UK copywriter?

Of course, your next step is knowing where to find an exceptionally talented UK copywriter. You could head to a freelance platform. However, this is a risky game. Instead, we recommend you go direct to source, making for a good relationship between you and your copywriter.


Here at The Content Ninja we have access to a talent pool of exceptional UK copywriters, meaning you’ll always have the best words behind your brand. Shop for content.


Chrissie Brown is a UK copywriter who loves to take on the persona of a brand. With clients ranging from multi-nationals through to the tiniest start-up, she is the ‘original’ Content Ninja.

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