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Digital Marketing Trends 2019 Infographic

So what’s been most interesting for you?

Digital Marketing Trends 2019 – the eeks

Problem area #1:

For us, discovering that you can do absolutely everything absolutely spot on when it comes to SEO, and you’ll still only get a conversion rate of 1-2%, was tough stuff. We’re guessing for you it is too.

However, we want there to be a positive take away here. Does this mean all your SEO and content effort is worthless? Absolutely not, in fact the opposite is true.

Winning that 1-2% is tricky. But you’re still doing better than your competitor who isn’t going anywhere. It’s all a numbers game. If your all-singing-all-dancing content is drawing in an audience of 1000 per piece, that’s 10 real genuine sales you’re making. If you’re only drawing in a paltry handful, then your sales will be in the doldrums.

This is why content is about driving engagement. You want as many genuine audience members as possible. In so doing, that 1-2% suddenly becomes worthy.

Problem area #2:

You seriously need to get with it in terms of your marketing strategy. Like really, really. Having a documented strategy means you’re a staggering 538% more likely to succeed. But 49% of you don’t. Pull your thumb out and make this the year you document strategy, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Need more motivation? Marketers who set goals are 429% more likely to report success than those who don’t.

Digital marketing trends 2019 – the wows

Success formula #1:

SEO is awesome. Content is awesome. The two combined are the rocket fuel you need. It’s fabulous to know that focusing on SEO and content will serve you better than paid search. That’s great news. It will keep us all motivated as we continue to build our content over the coming year.

Success formula #2:

It’s pretty interesting that SEO/organic search, content marketing and email marketing are still the three big giants when it comes to ROI. All other marketing endeavours kind of pale in to insignificance.

This is good news because this is our known territory. You’re likely reasonably confident here, or at least know people (like us!) that you can get doing these tasks for you.

However, we did uncover that there are some interesting trends within trends here.

Within SEO, this year you need to be highly aware of the Google Speed Update. It’s been rolling out since July 2018 and really is wiping slower sites off the bottom of the SERPs. The biggest single thing to do for your SEO benefit this year is to make sure your site is fast – both on desktop and mobile.

The other trend within SEO and organic search is voice search. This is a hugely booming area and we’ll look at this more in blog posts in the future.

Then there are some interesting trends within content creation itself. The biggest thing we’re seeing here is the continued and growing importance of videos. This trend has been blossoming for a while, but in 2019, if you’re not using video content marketing, you’re going to miss out.

Success formula #3:

Lastly, our research for the infographic took a look at the most used forms of content. As expected, blog posts come out on top here, taking a whopping 48% of the pie. It makes sense, they are relatively easy and cost-effective to churn out.

However, if you’re struggling to make SEO headway using blogs in your industry, this may not be the only route to take. If you pick some types of content which your competitors don’t use so much, you may well be able to break in to the SEO sphere without being flooded by other competitive blogs. This means, it could definitely be worth investing in eBooks, videos, whitepapers and podcasts.

Feel inspired by the infographic and head in to 2019 ready for digital marketing success.

Chrissie Brown is head writing ninja at The Content Ninja. She’s passionate about enabling small to medium businesses compete on a level playing field with the big guys. She makes this possible through providing access to SEO content without barriers. When she’s not writing, which is often, she can be found reading instead.

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